19 Years of Mission: Water for LIFE!

Nearly 700 million people in the world lack access to clean water. This is almost impossible for those of us in developed nations to comprehend, because the simple action of turning on a faucet to fill a glass is something we just don’t think about. Clean water is the most vital resource needed to change the lives of the poor, beginning with better health and greater productivity.

Often, the hand-dug boreholes and wells villagers use are just deep enough to access water, yet that water contains parasites, bacteria and waterborne diseases that lead to sickness and even death. One well, properly drilled deep into the water table, can help provide clean water for up to 1000 people for years to come and, with it, hope for a better future.

In 2018 LIFE will reach a milestone with the completion of the 6000th water well since we began the outreach in 2000.

The day a new well is dedicated, there is complete joy and euphoria in the village. A water well represents an investment the poor cannot afford, but with your help, a cup of clean water is a treasure to them, given in Jesus’ name.

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