Water For Life

With nearly 5 million people in need of lifesaving food assistance and more than 1 million children under 5 acutely malnourished, South Sudan continues to face a famine some describe as the worst food shortage and disaster in this area of the world since 1945. Thanks to the support of friends like you, we have been able to partner with missionaries on the ground in South Sudan to provide food and clean water – two of life’s essentials.sudan-foodBoth Mission Feeding and Water for LIFE are at work in South Sudan, reaching those in desperate need of help. These photos show the iconic orange Mission Feeding bowls filled with nutritious food and being used to collect clean, disease-free water from LIFE-funded wells in the area. What a joy it is to see these children blessed with both food and clean water!

Thank you for all you do in sharing LIFE with those in need!

Give Clean Water


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