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The Mission: Rescue them from the darkness, so they can walk in HIS light!

Special Report from Sheila Walsh – Co host on Life Today

I recently went with our mission team to a region heavily involved in human trafficking, an area of the world where young, innocent girls are enticed with “job offers” for good money in the bigger cities. Tragically, their dream of a good job to help family turns into a nightmare when they are forced into prostitution and often locked in back rooms of bars and brothels to be used and abused for profit.

Of course that isn’t what is advertised on the streets out front. Everywhere you look there are neon lights, loud music and girls lining the streets. All of the show outside is to entice you to go a little farther inside. When you go into most of the establishments, you will find bars filled with men and blaring music.

Most devastating to me were the young women who were being sold for “entertainment.” And it was especially heartbreaking when I noticed each girl sat on a numbered barstool. Men would pick out a girl by her number and pay the fee to take her to a back room. These girls had been reduced to a number . . . not even a name.

 But in this spiritually dark place, it becomes even clearer what our mission is as followers of Christ: “Go into all the world” and set the captives free. To the enslaved girls in brothels, bars and back rooms, there is no greater truth to share than, “God loves you and will cover your shame with His love and grace!”  

As a friend to this ministry, your generous support helps mission workers reach out to warn children about human trafficking and the lies; it will also help rescue those who have been enslaved and are seeking a way out, and ultimately, your support helps restore young people to the life God desires for them – a life of love, grace and freedom. Also, please remember to PRAY for the dedicated mission workers who give their lives to this cause.

Rescue Those in Need

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