Mission Feeding

It’s True: A bowl of food gives life…

Mission Feeding is the answer to the nutritional needs of more than 400,000 hungry and malnourished children in southern Africa. Fighting hunger and saving children’s lives involve different levels of service and resources – all made possible by your gifts of love. Thanks to compassionate gifts from YOU, our Friends for LIFE, the Mission Feeding outreach WORKS and is considered one of the most effective feeding programs in Africa.

Mission Feeding Lifeline

Food Factories: Workers prepare bags of nutritious food (dry soup mix) at factories in Angola and Mozambique for distribution across Sub-Saharan Africa

Transport LIFE: Food bags are loaded on four-wheel-drive trucks for transport across often-remote, rugged terrain.

Crisis Relief: Mission workers monitor areas of crisis food shortages – due to drought – and respond quickly to save lives. Then upon recovery, move on to other areas of need.

Malnutrition Clinic: Hungry children – weak and sick from malnutrition – receive medical care, including therapeutic IVs and fortified milk to save their lives. Many of the babies only weigh half of what is considered normal for children living in developed nations.

Feeding in Schools: Food fuels a child and gives hope for tomorrow. Feeding children at school is a magnet to draw them toward education and eventually better opportunities for the future. Often, this meal is their only food for the day, so at school a child receives help for body, mind and soul.

Mission Feeding: Children in areas of food shortage receive nutritious soup thanks to the well-organized efforts of the mission workers in more than 800 outreach centers.

Feed the Hungry

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