The Joy of Mission Feeding

Give us this day our daily bread

Africa is a magnificent continent filled with stunning natural beauty, as well as many regions where survival among families is a daily challenge. Drought and famine are not uncommon in areas of sub-Saharan Africa, the swath where Angola, South Sudan and Mozambique are found. Of course, those who suffer most in the tough times when crops are wiped out are the children.

Since 1989, Mission Feeding has kept a promise to find a way to feed hungry and malnourished children. The first commitment was to feed 5000 children a day – a huge step of faith for LIFE Outreach at that time.

But that first step led to another and then another as even larger numbers of children were taken on. A breakthrough came with the development of a simple, nutritional porridge that could be shipped in large bags to villages, and then just added to water and cooked.

More than 13 million lives have been saved in 29 years of Mission Feeding outreaches.

Today, in hundreds of villages and schools across Africa, children gather for a noon meal, and their “daily bread” is fulfilled in bowls of hot porridge containing all the vitamins and minerals they need to stay healthy. The bright orange bowls used by the children have become a symbol of hope and a reminder of our promise to “be there in their time of need.”

Thanks to you and others who give, this scene is shared thousands of times each day in South Sudan, Mozambique, Angola and South Africa.

This year, with your help and other LIFE friends, mission workers will be able to feed 400,000 children a daily meal. There’s life in a simple bowl of food!

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