LIFE Outreach is committed to offering long-term solutions in communities unable to meet the needs of their own children by providing safe shelter and loving care in a Christian atmosphere.

There are currently 13 LIFE Centers around the world, staffed by full-time mission workers in Albania, Angola, Bolivia, China, India (2), Mozambique, Romania, Rwanda, Thailand (2) and Ukraine (2). LIFE Centers have key roles in their communities, as in Albania, where the LIFE Center provides meals for the elderly and care for children during the day; it also functions as a local church. In Angola and Mozambique, the LIFE Centers are food factories that mix and warehouse thousands of pounds of food which is later distributed through the Mission Feeding outreach.

LIFE Centers are lifelines of hope, proclaiming the message of Christ and His love while meeting needs unique to the communities they serve.

13 LIFE Centers on 4 continents

A high level of care, Christian education and preparation for life are provided at every LIFE Center dedicated to reaching out to children.   

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