Welcome to LIFE!

It’s wonderful to share with you about the worldwide efforts of LIFE Outreach. Our methods of communication may change, as seen in this digital version of our magazine, but the call of this ministry remains centered on sharing Christ and His love. That’s what this issue of LIFE’s magazine is all about, and you will see how your gifts of love are helping change lives around the world.

Betty and I have the privilege of sharing the needs of a hurting world, knowing friends of LIFE care so deeply for others. In this issue, you will see love at work among hungry children in Africa and in drilling efforts to provide clean water. You will see what love has done for children who had no home until a LIFE Center became their shelter. Christianity’s greatest witness will always be the love we have, and show, for others.

In God’s Kingdom, He equips His people with compassion and then calls every believer to do their part to make a difference. Together, we are doing even more, and that makes it a real joy for us to share LIFE with you each day!

James and Betty Robison

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