You Are Free

Have you ever felt deep in your bones God has a plan “exceedingly abundantly above all that [you] ask or think”? Do you ever “become weary in doing good”? Perhaps you have heard something specific from God. He’s awakened you to your passions and talents; he’s given you a vision for how you can run fast and free in your lane, but for whatever reason, it’s not happening. Doors are not opening, and so you grow impatient.

The fires of passion and zeal burn quickly, but start to fade when we don’t see evidence of God’s provision and blessing immediately. When things don’t happen as we expect—when God doesn’t act the way we think he will—we begin to question and doubt everything.

Did we hear correctly?

Did we get it wrong?

We expect immediate parting of the seas, removal of obstacles, and opening of doors, yet Scripture shows us that God often calls his children to periods of waiting. Consider David and how he was anointed king of Israel, only to be sent back to tend his family’s sheep. God clearly revealed that he chose David to be king, yet the pregnancy of his anointing lasted years. As David waited, the Lord made him ready. Then in due season, when the giant Goliath threatened the entire nation, God told David, It’s time. The Lord prepared David to stand against and defeat his enemy. The waiting strengthened David to lead in that moment. That’s how many promises of the Bible are laid out. There’s a revealing, followed by a period of waiting.

Perhaps you are waiting in hope that a broken relationship will be repaired. Maybe you are waiting for the return of a loved one with whom you’ve lost touch. Perhaps you’ve held off on divorce, hoping for the restoration of your marriage. Maybe you’re waiting for physical healing.

You straddle promise and doubt, feebly holding onto the hope of promise. Keep holding on. You may not know the outcome, but you can rest in the tension of the waiting. It’s in the tension that the music is made. Remember the song of the psalmist, “How long, Lord?”7 When will the supernatural meet the natural?

When will you show up in all your glory and swoop the brokenhearted into your palm? When will you fly by and tuck us in your mighty wings?8 We sit on the precipice of promise, and the posture of waiting requires ultimate surrender of the human will. No matter how much we want to change things or rush them, we cannot. It is out of our hands.

Here, in the waiting, God gently responds:

I am working on your behalf even now.

In the tension I hold you.

In the waiting, I walk with you.

In the not-yet,

I carry you.

Rest here, in green pastures, by streams of living water.

In this place of utter safety and comfort.

Let me shelter you with the wing of my mighty hand.

Let me flood you with complete safety.

I see you and I will cover you. I will hold you fast.

Taken from You Are Free by Rebekah Lyons. Copyright © [2017 by Rebekah Lyons. Used by permission of Zondervan.

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About Rebekah Lyons 

Rebekah is the author of Freefall to Fly: A Breathtaking Journey Toward a Life of Meaning and now You are Free: Be Who You Already Are. She is a mother of three, wife of one, and dog-walker of two living in Franklin, TN. An old soul with a contemporary, honest voice, Rebekah reveals her own battles to overcome anxiety, depression, and consumer impulses. Finding joy in raising a special needs child - she invites women to embrace the unique calling God has for each of us. A self-confessed mess, Rebekah wears her heart on her sleeve, a benefit to friends and readers alike.   Alongside her husband, Gabe, she serves as co-founder of Q Ideas, a nonprofit organization that helps Christian leaders winsomely engage in culture. The organization’s global livestream events feature thought leaders such as Malcolm Gladwell, Tim Keller, David Brooks, Ann Voskamp, Ravi Zacharias and more. For more from Rebekah, visit

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