Village Schools Welcome Feeding

Mission Feeding has been a blessing to millions of children since its first lifesaving efforts in Mozambique in 1989 and then with its expansion to several nations across southern Africa. When possible, Mission Feeding coordinates with local schools and are a welcomed addition because: 1) This draws more students to attend and gain education, and 2) even one meal a day means parents have less to worry about in their fight for food in drought-stricken areas.

Mission Feeding is the answer for crisis areas.

Angola has one of the highest child mortality rates in the world, and its children suffer from high levels of chronic and acute malnutrition. Mission Feeding outreaches provide thousands of children a meal during the week – a porridge that contains all the vitamins, minerals and nutrition children need each day.

Thanks to the support of LIFE’s friends and partners, more than 13 million children have been spared the tragedy of malnutrition and its ultimate end – the death of innocent little ones.

Feed the Hungry

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