There is HOPE in every BOWL!

mf-1Mission Feeding has been a blessing to millions of children since its first lifesaving efforts in Mozambique in 1989 and then with its expansion to five nations across southern Africa. This mother, Luisa, knows firsthand the blessing of daily food for her children. When the team first met her in 2016, she had only the food in this can to feed her two children. Life was difficult with her meager resources; she had already experienced the pain of losing two children to malnutrition.

But now, you can see the difference Mission Feeding is making in their village. This mother can now smile because Mission Feeding is there to provide nourishing food for her children. Thanks to the generous gifts LIFE’s friends, Luisa’s family can count on a meal of nutritious porridge each weekday. And, as a result, her children’s health has completely turned around.

mf-2This is not an isolated scene for more than 400,000 children in Africa who now receive a meal as part of their school day or through feeding outreaches in their villages. The nourishment not only helps keep them strong, but also keeps them attending classes, and every year of education prepares them for a brighter future.

mf-3FOOD FACT: Thanks to friends of LIFE, more than 13 million children have been spared the tragedy of malnutrition and its ultimate end – the death of innocent little ones.

Feed the Hungry

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