Can a Shoe Help Save Lives?

wfl-1Augusto has suffered greatly because he has no shoes. Our team met him in a remote village in Angola and were upset when they found him crying – not because he was afraid of strangers or because he was hungry or thirsty, but because of the horrible pain in his feet.

Augusto had cut the bottom of his foot, and in this area of Angola, an injury like this can become life threatening. In his village there is no medical help, no clinic, no bandages, no ointment. wfl-2

Bacteria and parasites had infested his skin, and it was red, swollen and extremely painful. Augusto’s tears were frequent. He had even resorted to hobbling on the sides of his feet, trying not to make contact with the ground.

After discussions with the mission workers, the decision was made to take Augusto to a hospital; some feared he might even lose part of his foot, the infection was so bad.

All of this pain could have been avoided with a pair of shoes.

LIFE’s Christmas Shoe Project is not a frivolous gift for these children, but a day-to-day blessing. New shoes are such a simple gift, but for thousands of children who have NEVER had shoes, the gift is a memory and joy they will never forget. That’s why we say, “Joy comes in pairs!”

shoe distribution 10262-croppedAgain in 2017 we are preparing for distribution of 150,000 pairs of shoes – as many as possible in time for the holidays. It’s always an exciting time when handing out shoes, watching children sit down and put them on, and then, right on cue, jump up and start running and playing! Some just hug the shoes and can’t seem to stop smiling.

Thanks to every friend who supports LIFE’s Christmas Shoe Project, an outreach that blesses so many children and their parents too.

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